WebCam Looker

WebCam Looker 3.2

Multifunctional video surveillance software for home and office

WebCam Looker is a multifunctional video surveillance software that you can use in your home or office. This tool works by sending alarm signals immediately if it detects movements on or around your property. The alarm signal includes the following: network message, external application execution, area blinking, upload to ftp or web server, save to file or archive, sound, SMS, email with attached image and others. WebCam Looker has a precise motion detector and through it, you can watch and monitor multiple zones of any shape. You can also use the webcam looker to record your favorite TV shows, take snapshots or record at only specific times. One powerful feature of this tool is its stealth monitor and live screenshots that you can view in real time remotely, reviewable via the Internet or available for archiving. To view the shots, you can use any web browser or even your mobile phone. Access can be protected with a password. WebCam Looker is helpful and can be a useful tool to protect your property against thieves and intruders.

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